"One of the greatest uses of technology over the past few years"


Our goal was to create the biggest advance in blade technology in 100 years. Blades that were much, much stronger and would last far longer than steel blades.


Our sapphire blades are 80 atoms at the tip, by far the sharpest blades on the planet. Since sapphire is second only to diamond in terms of hardness, they stay sharp.

  • Mag = 10.00 K X
  • Signal A = InLens
  • EHT = 15.00 kV
  • WD = 4.3 mm
  • P100521-01 30° Sapph.
  • RunA02 K01/2
  • 1µm
  • unit


The number of blades the EPA estimates go into US landfills anually.

Zafirro's sapphire blades can meaningfully reduce that number.

"One of the most gorgeous pieces of grooming gadgetry ever made"


An object you interact with every day should be beautiful, thoughtfully engineered, and very well made.

Maybe the biggest challenge has been creating a product that more than a handful of people can afford. Our cheapest razor costs thousands of dollars...
Until now.