Zafirro started as a Bright Light Ventures project. Bright Light is an innovation incubator based in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on sustainable solutions for everyday life. The Bright Light and Zafirro teams have dedicated much of the last 8 years to the research and development required to bring our sapphire blade razor to market. Expertise in fields as varied as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology, and particle physics were required, as well as manufacturing and technology expertise from around the world. Zafirro is now an independent company but will continue to draw on the Bright Light team’s expertise and resources as it grows and expands its product line.

We are a very small company in an industry where multinationals spend hundreds of millions or even billions on marketing, so we would love your help getting the word out. Using the social media links below will also get you the latest news on Zafirro before anyone else.